Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

The new year is always filled with hope and promise.
Hope that it will be the best year yet. Hope that friends and family will be well. Hope that the world will be a better place.
Promise that I will accomplish my goals. Promise to be more creative. Promise to be kinder, neater, thinner....promise, promise, promise.

Here at Sheep Dip Cottage we are busy with knitting, writing and buttons, buttons, buttons. I'm preparing a workshop for my knitting guild called 'Buttons, button holes and button bands for knitters'. Many knitters view making button holes and sewing on buttons as the 'chore' part of knitting and get no pleasure from it. I hope to change that attitude by giving knitters the proper skills and making the process fun. So, check back here regularly as I post tips to improve your knitting.

Splendid 2010 to all.

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